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Diamond Drilling

Here at Truecut we have built a reputation for providing a professional, safe, reliable and prompt service. Our expertise and swift turnaround times means that we have successfully completed many projects on time, on budget and with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our main sector of work is in London and the South East, however we have successfully carried out works Nationwide, within Europe and even in the Middle East.

All our workforce are approved and NVQ certified CSCS/CITB operatives and have completed courses in First Aid, Manual Handling, Working at Height, Harness, Confined Space, PASMA, IPAF, SSSTS, Asbestos Awareness and CTC Clearance. All our operatives are Enhanced DBS checked. We take great pride in the fact that the equipment we use is the very latest and most up to date available on the market. Here at Truecut we are constantly coming up with innovative ideas and solutions for all your Drilling and Sawing requirements.

Should you require any of our services for any current or future projects, please email enquiries to:

Image of Diamond Drilling
Image of Diamond Drilling
Image of Diamond Drilling

Diamond Drilling

Diamond Drilling is the process of drilling holes at a virtually unlimited depth through solid materials between 8mm and 1000mm in diameter using a diamond impregnated drill bit attached to a 110v, hydraulic or high frequency drill motor. The use of industrial diamond drill bits makes cutting more accurate which means that the work is carried out to a higher standard than traditional drilling methods.

We use diamond drill bits of all sizes, and in turn a variety of diamond sizes, suppliers and drill bit compounds to ensure the fastest and most accurate cut at the best possible price.

Stitch drilling is where a series of overlapping diamond-drilled holes are used to form openings in walls or floor slabs and can also be used to isolate demolition works from the remaining structure. Stitch drilling is also utilised in forming differing shapes and sizes of openings in any depth of floor slabs or walls.

Image of Diamond Drilling


Wall/Floor chasing is a technique used in construction and renovation projects to create grooves or channels in walls or ceilings for electrical wiring, plumbing, or HVAC systems. It involves cutting shallow trenches in the surface of the wall using a specialized tool called a wall chaser or a hand saw.

Wall chasing is a common practice in modern construction and renovation projects and helps to ensure that electrical and plumbing systems are safely and securely installed within the walls and floor slabs.

Image of Wire Sawing
Image of Wire Sawing

Diamond Floor Planing & Grinding

Diamond floor planing and grinding is a process of smoothing and levelling concrete surfaces using diamond-tipped tools. This process involves the removal of thin layers of the concrete surface using diamond blades or diamond abrasives.

The purpose of diamond floor planing and grinding is to prepare the surface for the application of a coating or a sealant or to achieve a smoother and more level surface for decorative purposes. The diamond tools used in this process are highly effective and can remove surface imperfections, such as stains, scratches, and rough spots, leaving a flat and keyed surface.

Image of Floor Planing

Floor, Hand, Track & Wire Sawing

Floor Sawing

Floor sawing is a method of cutting concrete or asphalt surfaces using a specialized saw that is mounted on wheels or tracks. The saw is typically powered by a diesel/petrol engine or 3 Phase 415v electric and is equipped with a diamond blade that can cut through hard materials with ease. Floor sawing is commonly used to make precise cuts in concrete floors, pavements, and roadways to create expansion joints or remove sections of damaged concrete. Floor sawing is a fast and efficient method of cutting that can be used only on floor slabs internally & externally.

The saw can be adjusted to cut to precise depths, making it ideal for creating grooves, channels, or trenches in concrete surfaces. Floor sawing can also be used to make openings for doors or windows in concrete walls or slabs. They will cut through reinforced concrete, granite and screed down to depths of 600mm.

Image of Wire Sawing

Hand Sawing

Hand saws are mainly utilised where it is not practical to use floor saws and is ideal for cutting straight lines where clean corners are required where no over cutting is allowed. The hand saws are quick cutting and efficient to operate and are ideally suited to working in confined areas. Solid and ring saws will cut to a depth of 260mm through reinforced concrete, granite, brick and block work. These can be driven by either 3-phase or petrol power packs depending on location.

Truecut have embraced technology and invested in the very latest high frequency saws which has given better performance and efficiency. Chain saws can cut up to 600mm deep in reinforced concrete, granite, brick and block work. Again using either 3-phase or petrol power packs depending on the location. These saws are ideal for squaring off the corners or ends of cuts made by the track, solid or ring saws. Some hand sawing applications for example, windows, expansion joints, doorways and confined/limited access areas.

Image of Wire Sawing

Remote Controlled Track Sawing

Remote Controlled Track sawing is the most accurate form of cutting, be it in walls, floors, ceilings or down the side of staircases. The saw can be mounted inverted and will cut flush to any even surface and at angles. Track sawing is a method of cutting hard materials using a specialized saw that runs on a track or guide rail. The saw is mounted on a carriage that runs along the track, allowing for precise and straight cuts to be made remotely.

The track can be set up to any desired length, allowing for long, continuous cuts to be made without the need for additional setup or adjustments. It is a popular method of cutting because it produces clean, accurate cuts with minimal dust and debris. It is also a relatively quiet method of cutting, making it ideal for use in sensitive environments such as hospitals or residential areas. Track sawing can be performed using a variety of blade types, including diamond blades, which are designed to cut through hard materials with ease.

Image of Diamond Drilling

Remote Controlled Wire Sawing

Remote Controlled Wire sawing is a specialized cutting technique that uses a diamond-impregnated wire to cut through various materials like concrete, metal, and stone. This technique is commonly used in construction and demolition applications where conventional cutting methods are difficult, time-consuming, or impractical. During wire sawing, a wire made of small, diamond-impregnated beads is threaded through a pulley system and then tensioned. This wire is then drawn back and forth across the material to be cut, while being lubricated with water to keep it cool and prevent it from breaking.

The wire saw can cut through materials of any size and shape, making it a versatile cutting tool for a variety of applications. Wire sawing is preferred over traditional cutting methods because it produces minimal dust, noise, and vibration. It is also a safer and more efficient way to cut through thick or reinforced materials.

Image of Diamond Drilling
Image of Wire Sawing

Hydraulic Bursting & Crunching

The need to remove large sections of concrete necessitates the use of hydraulic concrete bursting. Hydraulic burster heads are placed inside diamond-drilled holes that have been drilled at key points to create a weak line through the concrete.

The exerted pressure from the burster heads quietly breaks the concrete into manageable pieces along the weak line between each hole in a controlled manner for easy removal. The process creates little to no dust and causes no vibration and is an efficient and effective method for the removal of large concrete structures like columns/pillars, walls, staircases, foundations and crane bases, concrete in locations that are in daily use, locations where minimizing noise and dust is essential like hospitals or schools and universities.

When Concrete Bursting cannot be used, Concrete crunching is employed to remove large concrete structures. Concrete crunching is the process of using large hydraulic jaws to crunch away at the exposed edge of the concrete to be removed. The jaws are either handheld or machine mounted depending on the application.

This method is useful in confined spaces or where noise must be kept to a minimum. It does not require pre-drilled holes and therefore does not require water.

Image of Hydraulic Bursting

Remote Controlled Demolition

Remote controlled demolition is carried out using remote controlled equipment with a variety of attachments including hammers, crunchers, grabs, sheers, buckets and augers. Being 3-phase electrically powered, these machines have a very high power-to-weight ratio compared to 360 excavators.

They range in size from 0.5 tons up to 2.5 tons which will fit through single doorways and go up and down staircases to access difficult work areas. There are also machines that range from 2.5 tons up to 12 tons.

One of the advantages over conventional 360 degree excavators is that these machines can be operated remotely using industrial Bluetooth or radio technology. The machines have even been mounted with cameras, dust suppression equipment and are very popular in the nuclear and demolition industries. The major benefit of these machines is the total elimination of the operator to any hand/arm vibration syndrome with the smallest machine being capable of replacing or exposing many operatives to HAVs who would be using air or electric breakers.

Image of Remote Controlled Demolition
Image of Diamond Drilling
Image of Diamond Drilling
Image of Diamond Drilling

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